Mission, Vision, and Values

“We create and advance trauma-specific education programs for emerging adults, childbearing and parenting families, and their providers.”

“Growing Forward Together: Creating and Advancing Trauma-Specific Education Programs”

The following 6 values were developed by our Board of Directors. As an organization, all workers in GFT…

  1. Join together in embodying Nurturance Culture (defined as a deep capacity to create safety and trust) and the 6 principles of a trauma-informed approach:
    • Safety
    • Trustworthiness & Transparency
    • Peer Support
    • Collaboration & Mutuality
    • Empowerment & Choice
    • Cultural, Historical & Gender Issues
  2. Believe that healing and growth is possible
  3. Are certain that knowledge, skills and hope can make a difference
  4. Honor diverse expertise
  5. Promote positive birth and safe, nurturing, and reflective parenting
  6. Celebrate “families of choice” and families of all forms