Our Flagship Program: Survivor Moms' Companion

Help for New Moms Coping with Trauma

  • SMC is designed as a psychoeducational program for women in the perinatal stages of life, who have a history of childhood maltreatment and other trauma.
  • The structure of the SMC program consists of supervisors who are trained and licensed by GFT to oversee tutors who are also trained and licensed to provide the SMC psychoeducational materials (workbook, worksheets, etc.) to mothers eligible for the program.
  • GFT’s role is to staff the work of getting SMC out into the world until SMC becomes self-sufficient.

In the US and globally, one in five women has a history of childhood maltreatment (physical, sexual, emotional abuse and/or neglect).


20% of women have PTSD at some point in their lives.


8% of pregnant women have PTSD.

The “4 trimesters” of the childbearing year—from early pregnancy to the postpartum period—is the ideal time to break the cycle of abuse and maltreatment.

Moms Talking About SMC

I liked it because it helped a lot [with] emotions during pregnancy. I'm glad I said yes to the program.

I enjoyed the vocabulary. It allowed me to talk to different people about it. It allowed me to feel safe giving birth.

This was the most helpful thing I did during pregnancy. It made a big difference, particularly the vignettes—a bigger difference than I expected.

It was a really great experience. I learned a lot about myself; that I have trust issues. Some of those things are PTSD-related. I didn't test positive [for PTSD], but I was close.